Steve Marsden’s

Chemistry Course Materials

Links below are generally for full-year or semester courses or collections of materials that span an entire course. You can find more specific topic links (some of which refer to sections of the sources on this page) in the Topics section.

  • Visionlearning Library

    Funded by the National Science Foundation and linked to National Science Education Standards, this project covers more than just chemistry topics, but that's where this particular link leads for explorations of topics such as atomic theory, chemical reactions, nuclear processes, chemical bonding, etc.

  • CHEMystery Interactive Guide to Chemistry

    Impressive project assembled for the 1996 ThinkQuest Internet contest. Good coverage of general chemistry at secondary level. Can be a little slow to load, but generally worth the wait.

  • OAC and Grade 11 Chemistry

    Extensive notes, practice problems and lab experiments from a Canadian perspective by Tom Stretton. Good section of data tables too.

  • Chemistry Notes

    Power Point presentations (also available in HTML and Acrobat versions) covering the entire course. From Tom Green at Alta Loma High School in southern California.

  • Chemistry at Normal Community High School

    There's nothing "normal" about this site. It's a rich resource filled with detailed notes, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and more. Materials from Jeff Christopherson at NCHS in Normal, Illinois.

  • AP Chemistry Notes

    Power Point presentations (also available in HTML and Acrobat versions) covering the entire course. From Tom Green at Alta Loma High School in southern California.

  • Ian Guch's Library o'Chemistry

    Class activities, worksheets, tests, labs---all free for your perusal. Be sure to read Ian's statement at the top of the page on acceptable use.

  • General and A.P. Chemistry Study Cards

    This clever idea comes from Paul Groves at South Pasadena High School. Printing instructions to make the cards are included. You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to print the files correctly.

  • The Chemistry Resource Center

    Placing this link under "Courses" hardly does it justice. There is an on-line chemistry course available along with interactive problems of all kinds. There is also a spectacular element resource with pictures of most elements and extensive background information on them. And much, much more. From the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

  • Chemweb at the University of Southern California

    Excellent media resources (Chime, Javascript, etc.) in a wide variety of topic areas.

  • ChemWeb Online

    Yet another student-designed chemistry site covering most topics and including practice self-grading quizzes.

  • All you will ever need to know about Chemistry

    This could put me out of business, right? Not a bad overview if you're in a hurry and you want a quick refresher on a topic. From some anonymous source!

  • AUS-e-TUTE for astute students

    "Developed by experienced [Australian] Science Teachers to provide FREE chemistry tutorials designed for High School Chemistry Students." Extensive explanatory and review material. Members materials also available.

  • ChemThink

    A site devoted to tutorials, interactive on-line activities and lab simulations written by teachers. Requires free registration. Teachers can open (free) student accounts to keep track of work completed.

  • The Avogadro Web Site

    A UK site designed for students studying at the AS and A level. Review of major concepts.

  • Chemguide

    Another UK site with concept coverage for the AS and A levels.

  • ChemSheets

    Primarily of interest to teachers, this site is a collection of materials generated by Richard Grime over a period of years for various levels of UK secondary chemistry. Problems, practicals, tutorials. Most files in Word format for ease of adaptation.

  • General Chemistry Topic Review

    A fairly thorough review of the major topics in a typical course. From Purdue University.

  • Pre-University Chemistry

    A Shockwave-enhanced primer from Oxford University. Based on the text "Chemistry, Matter and the Universe" by Richard E. Dickerson and Irving Geis.

  • Chemistry Topics

    Besides having a nice ring to it, this sub-section of the Royal Society of Chemistry site features audio and text tutorials (MP3 format with printed PDF materials) in a wide range of topics originally designed for self-study by post-16 students. The files may be downloaded for free. This covers the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the UK site immediately above!

  • Chemistry Concepts from HyperPhysics

    Follow the maps to lots of solid information and some visual and tutorial material on many, if not most, of the major concepts of general chemistry. From C.R. Nave, Georgia State University.

  • On-line Introductory Chemistry

    From Walt Volland at Bellevue Community College in Washington State. Includes home experiments.

  • Concepts of Chemistry

    On-line text and laboratory experiments from Nicholas Kildahl, WPI.

  • Chemistry 107 Live!

    Well, almost live. Video lectures covering an entire introductory course. Starring (!) Lawrence S. Brown of Texas A&M University. You will need the Real Player plugin to view the lectures. Ancillary text and slide notes for the lectures are found here.

  • The World of Chemistry

    If you have a fast internet connection, you can view all of the videos in the series here. Requires free registration for access. From the Annenberg/CPB site.

  • Reactions in Chemistry

    An 8-hour video series designed mainly for teachers, blending chemistry history, content and technology as well as methods. If you have a fast internet connection, you can view all of the videos in the series here. Requires free registration for access. From the Annenberg/CPB site.

  • Chemical Concept of the Week, First Semester

    Thorough lecture notes from James H. Burness at the York Campus of Penn. U.

  • General Chemistry I, A Virtual Textbook

    Lecture notes, problems, exams for first semester chemistry. From Michael Blaber at Florida State University.

  • General Chemistry II, A Virtual Textbook

    Lecture notes, problems, exams for second semester chemistry. From Michael Blaber at Florida State University.

  • Chemistry Virtual Textbook

    A collection of reference chapters and tutorials in both HTML and PDF formats covering a range of traditional and not-so-traditional topics with sometimes surprising depth. From Stephen Lower of Simon Fraser University.

  • General Chemistry Online!

    First semester lecture notes and resources from Frostburg State University in Maryland. Also includes a Question & Answer resource and some self-grading exams.

  • Bank of chemistry questions and problems

    The result of 39 years of high school chemistry teaching, this bank of categorized questions in RTF format includes multiple choice, serial multiple choice, matching, free response and serial free response questions at two different levels. Provided free by Bro. Malcolm Melcher. To prevent students from viewing the materials you need to request a user name and password to access the bank (instructions at the site).

  • General Chemistry Concept Tests (w/answers)

    Multiple choice questions with interactive answer keys from the University of Wisconsin. Coverage includes general chemistry and organic and more.

  • Best Choice

    O.K., this is a strange name for a chemistry site.... BUT, this is a great general (and organic...and inorganic...) study site with targeted topic reviews and interactive review/practice questions. Growing even as we speak. From Sheila Woodgate at the University of Auckland. Requires free registration for use.

  • Drill and Practice

    Word problems and data analysis in various areas of chemistry are covered here. From CSU Dominguez Hills.

  • Concept Lessons for Teachers

    200 single-concept lessons in chemistry from The Science and Mathematics Institute for Learning Enhancement (SMILE) at Illinois Institute of Technology.

  • Chemistry Challenge Problems

    Multidimensional problems involving different aspects of chemistry. From Towson University.

  • General Organic and Biochemistry

    From James K. Hardy at the University of Akron: lecture slides, animations, and practice tests.

  • Chemistry Hypermedia Project at Virginia Tech

    Very interesting work here as well as links to specific projects in analytical instrumentation and methods, electronics, etc.

  • Understanding our Planet Through Chemistry

    A hypertext with a geological slant from the USGS.

  • Coordination Chemistry brief lectures

    From R.J. Lancashire at the University of Wimona in Jamaica.

  • The Macrogalleria: A world of polymer fun!

    Everything you always wanted to know about polymers (including pictures and movies) from the Department of Polymer Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. You need to download the Chime plug-in for best viewing.

  • The Science of Spectroscopy

    Theory, techniques and applications of spectroscopy, including web NMR, IR, etc. From the University of Hartford.

  • A Teacher's Guide to Superconductivity for High School Students

    An excellent and thorough guide complete with experiments and demonstrations. From Robert W. Dull and H. Richard Kerchner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

  • The Living Textbook of Nuclear Chemistry

    A project from Oregon State University. Includes links to materials, lab experiments, historical audio material and more.

  • ABCentral's EDU2 site: Chemistry courses and course material

    A good collection of links to chemistry courses on the Internet covering many subdisciplines. Maintained by E.J. Inglis-Arkell.