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Links below are generally for significant collections of demonstrations. Some give background details and include sufficient information to reproduce the demonstration, others simply describe and/or include videos or stills of the demos. Additional multimedia material may be found in the Media section, listed by topic.

  • Bob Becker Demos

    A collection of Becker's famous (infamous?!) demos with accompanying text, still shots and video. Hosted on the University of Nebraska at Lincoln server.

  • General Chemistry Lecture Demonstrations

    Demonstrations arranged to follow General Chemistry by Ebbing, from Indiana University at Bloomington.

  • Lecture Demonstrations

    From the University of California at San Diego.

  • Chemistry Outreach 2000

    From the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, here you will find a course's worth of demonstrations, each accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and followed by a quiz. Demonstrations are presented in Windows Streaming Media.

  • Lecture Demontrations

    Videos and stills of a variety of common lecture demonstrations. From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Organic Chemistry microscale projection demonstrations

    These demos were designed for some fairly sophisticated commercial equipment designed along the lines of Alyea's TOPS system. With a little ingenuity, they should be adaptable. From Peter Keusch at the University of Regensberg (Didactics of Chemistry--Chemical Education site).

  • Organic Chemistry demonstrations on video

    From Peter Keusch at the University of Regensberg (Didactics of Chemistry--Chemical Education site). Real Media format. Be sure to scroll down the page and take a look at the demos/experiments on identifying/testing household or supermarket products.

  • Lecture Demonstration Movie Sheets

    What a find! More demonstrations than you can shake a stirring rod at, many accompanied by videos and printed instructions, as well as student sheets for recording observations and responding to the demos. From Purdue University.

  • Delights of Chemistry

    Archive of chemical demonstrations from Leeds University (UK). Includes still-frame "videos" of demos as well as preparation and background information.

  • Countertop chemistry

    Demonstrations and experiments that use materials you can find at the drug or hardware store, from North Carolina State University

  • Can't find it here? Try Peter Keusch's extensive list of demonstration experiment links.