Copies of experiments I have adapted/written for use in Honors and A.P. level classes can be accessed via the links below. Prep information is available on request. I would also be happy to offer suggestions for adapting the experiments to your particular situation.

     Honors Chemistry Experiments           A.P. Lab Text, 7th [final] ed.     

Links below are for significant collections of material. that span an entire course. You can find more specific topic links (some of which refer to sections of the sources on this page) in the Topics section.
Chemistry experiments for single topics
And there are hundreds of them. Some are more complete than others and some are just the genesis of an idea, but there are many. Just the place to get an idea from which to develop a new lab experience for your students! From the University of Queensland, Australia.
AP Chemistry by Satellite Laboratory Manual
From John I. Gelder, Nancy S. Gettys, I. Dwaine Eubanks, Oklahoma State University.
Chemistry in the Modern World Laboratory
Selected laboratory experiments from the course at California State University at Stanislaus.
Microscale Chemistry Experimentation
Microscale experiments in chemistry for students 13 years and over. Includes sections for teachers, students and parents, as well as a host of varied experiments using simple equipment. From Peter Schwartz, Germany.
Microscale Experiments for Secondary Schools
There were 43 well-documented experiments at last count. Part of David W. Brooks' site.
Doing Chemistry
Another section of David W. Brooks' site, devoted to experiments and demonstrations suitable for high schools, 134 of them!
The Chemistry of Photography
A great laboratory course with excellent background information included in each experiment. Definitely worth a look! From California State University at Stanislaus.
Patrick Gormley's Science Resource Center
Demonstrations and labs for chemistry, physics and biology.
Countertop chemistry
Demonstrations and experiments that use materials you can find at the drug or hardware store, from North Carolina State University
Labs for Anytime Anywhere Chemistry Experience
Home experiments for science majors General Chemistry. From Doris Kimbrough (University of Colorado at Denver) and Jimmy Reeves (University of North Carolina at Wilmington) (Web-based distance learning)
"Guides you through the entire laboratory process from before you walk into the lab to after you get back your graded report". Tutorials and step-by-step checks for students writing lab reports. Hints for instructors, too. From Michael Carter, Eric Wiebe and Miriam Ferzli and hosted at North Carolina State University.