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Chemical kinetics

Lectures, notes, handouts, tutorials
My lecture presentations
Rates of reaction (8)
Chemical kinetics (incudes practice with answers) (7)
Rates and concentration (includes practice with answers) (7)
Chemical Kinetics (6)
Differential rate laws (includes practice with answers) (7)
Integrated rate laws (includes practice with answers) (7)
Rates and mechanisms (includes practice and answers) (7)
Steady-state approximation (includes practice w/answers) (7)
Steady state (7)
Activation energy (includes practice w/answers) (7)
Activation energy and catalysts (7)
Gas kinetics (7)
Elementary steps (includes practice with answers) (7)
Chain reactions (includes practice w/answers) (7)

Practice problems, tests, quizzes
My practice problems w/answers
My Sample Test (w/answers)
Kinetics problems worksheet (8)
Determining orders and rate constants (w/answers) (1)
Self-grading quiz on rate laws (7)
Multiple choice quiz #1 on kinetics (w/answers) (5)
Multiple choice quiz #2 on kinetics (w/answers) (5)

Experiments, demos
Surface area and rate of reaction demo (2)
Determination of a rate law (2)
Iodine Clock (8)
Energy of Activation (2)
Rate of gas evolution from the reaction of alka-seltzer tablets with water (3)
Demonstration of catalysis (4)
Demonstration of oscillating reaction (4)
Demonstration of surface area and reaction rate (4)
Demonstration of the hydrogen peroxide iodine clock (4)
Demonstration of an oscillating methanol explosion (4)

(1) Chemistry Department, California State U, Dominguez Hills
(2) Patrick Gormley, Lapeer Community Schools, Michigan
(3) California State University at Stanislaus
(4) Indiana University at Bloomington
(5) Scott Northrup, Tennessee Technological University
(6) Liina Ladon, Towson University
(7) University of Waterloo
(8) Tom Stretton, Thousand Islands Secondary School


Periodic Table



Solubility Rules

Activity Series

Common ions

Standard Reduction Potentials