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Chemical equilibrium

Lectures, notes, handouts, tutorials
My lecture presentations
Mass action law (8)
Equilibrium and thermodynamics (Loren Hepler's Magic Jumping Beans (1)
Equilibrium concepts (10)
Dynamic equilibria (8)
Special equilibria (8)
Chemical Equilibria (5)
Equilibrium calculations (includes practice w/answers) (8)
Heterogeneous equilibria (8)
Solubility equilibria (5)
Solubility (and complex ion) equilibria (10)

Practice problems, tests, quizzes
My practice problems w/answers
My Sample Test (w/answers)
Equilibrium constant and LeChâtelier's Principle worksheet (10)
Equilibrium and the extent of reaction worksheet (10)
Self-grading quiz on equilibrium (8)
Two equilibrium problems (w/answers) (9)
Solubility vs. Ksp values practice problems w/answers (4)
Ksp and solubility worksheet (10)
Multiple choice quiz #1 on equilibrium (w/answers) (7)
Multiple choice quiz #2 on equilibrium (w/answers) (7)

Experiments, demos
Introduction to Equilibrium (10)
The Common ion effect (10)
Equilibrium constant for iron/thiocyanate system with a CBL (2)
Demonstration of LeChâtelier's Principle (6)

(1) Gary Bertrand, University of Missouri-Rolla
(2) Kent J. Crippen, Lincoln Southeast High School
(4) Chemistry Department, California State U, Dominguez Hills
(5) Liina Ladon, Towson University
(6) Indiana University at Bloomington
(7) Scott Northrup, Tennessee Technological University
(8) University of Waterloo
(9) University of Massachusetts
(10) Tom Stretton, Thousand Islands Secondary School


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Solubility Rules

Activity Series

Common ions

Standard Reduction Potentials