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Lectures, notes, handouts, tutorials
My lecture presentations
Oxidation states (7)
Electrochemistry (8)
Galvanic cells (7)
Half-reactions (7)
Half-cell reaction (7)
Cell EMF (7)
Nernst equation (7)
Electrolysis (7)
Thermodynamics of batteries (9)

Practice problems, tests, quizzes
My practice problems w/answers
My Sample Test (w/answers)
Oxidation numbers worksheet (8)
Interactive practice problems on Electrochemistry (2)
Self-grading electrochemistry review (7)
Multiple choice quiz #1 on electrochemistry (w/answers) (5)
Multiple choice quiz #2 on electrochemistry (w/answers) (5)
Multiple choice quiz #3 on electrochemistry (w/answers) (5)

Experiments, demos
Gram Equivalent weight of an unknown metal (6)
Christmas Ornaments and Copper Plating (3)
Electrochemical Catalyst (3)
Experiments in Electrochemistry (1)
Demonstration of the "human battery" (4)
Demonstration of spontaneous plating (4)
Demonstation of water electrolysis (4)
Demonstration of an orange battery (4)
Demonstration of Cu-Zn cell using salt bridge (4)
Demonstration of electroplating (4)

(1) Giorgio Carboni
(2) Chemistry Department, California State U, Dominguez Hills
(3) Patrick Gormley, Lapeer Community Schools, Michigan
(4) Indiana University at Bloomington
(5) Scott Northrup, Tennessee Technological University
(6) Shane Phillips, California State U. at Stanislaus
(7) University of Waterloo
(8) Tom Stretton, Thousand Islands Secondary School
(9) Gary Bertrand, University of Missouri-Rolla


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